Affiliate Marketing, Niche Marketing & Tools – It’s the Journey and Not the Destination

Affiliate & Niche MarketingLike most things in life, its the journey and not the destination that matters and Affiliate & Niche Marketing is certainly no different…

I began my online marketing journey in early 2006, learning and applying all I could.   Five years later, I’m still learning new strategies, tools and techniques.  Which suits me fine, as learning and applying what I learn is what I like to do most in this world. So, I guess you could say this business is a perfect fit for me.

Unlike many other marketers, I’m not going to tell you that this business is easy, fast or that anyone can do it.  Quite the contrary!

It takes a willingness to work hard, learn continually and apply what you learn as quickly as you can.  Most of all it takes a willingness to keep on working towards your plan even when you are unsure of what the outcome will be.